Caveat lector: This blog is where I try out new ideas. I will often be wrong, but that's the point.

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First thoughts

I'm beginning this blog using my real name as a way of forcing myself to act in writing as I do in person. By removing a level of anonymity I hope to avoid some of the issues I run into when engaging people online. I have a really hard time gauging intent, sarcasm, and emotion in general in blog posts and over the years I've learned that I have a very different "sound" and tone when I write compared to when I speak.

So yeah. This will be a place for me to share my random thoughts. There will be a little bit of a neuroscientific leaning here where I'll talk about my research and other brain stuff that has caught my attention.

Beyond the science stuff I'll probably be posting a fair amount of news stories and whatnot in the hopes of having a place to talk with friends about cool topics.

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