Caveat lector: This blog is where I try out new ideas. I will often be wrong, but that's the point.

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Quick note: ResearchBlogging.org

So I've decided to try out ResearchBlogging.org, which is a site that aggregates any member's blog posts that cite peer-reviewed research. It's a neat, simple system that works via RSS tracking, and apparently the PLoS family of journals uses blog posts made via ResearchBlogging.org as a measure of impact.

Because half of my posts are about peer-reviewed research (although, much of it is about papers more than 100 years old!), I've decided to give it a shot.

What this means to my readers is that I'll be re-posting my older posts on peer-reviewed research so that it will get posted via RSS. I apologize if this is at all annoying to anyone.

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