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Bradley Voytek brainSCANr

So for those of you who are following this and who don't yet know, my wife Jessica and I started a website called brainSCANr.

From the home page:

The Brain Systems, Connections, Associations, and Network Relationships (a phrase with more words than strictly necessary in order to bootstrap a good acronym) assumes that somewhere in all the chaos and noise of the more than 20 million papers on PubMed, there must be some order and rationality.

While this is a very serious academic project that we started to combine our skills and interest, we thought we'd have a bit of fun with it.

We started a blog for the site that will keep people updated with new additions and features as we add them. I'll be blogging about the major changes here, too.

In the mean time, we did a few fun analyses with our framework. Turns out Christmas, Hanukkah, solstice, and Santa appear in the scientific literature!

So read "A brainSCANr holiday", add the blog to your RSS feed, and/or follow me on Twitter to keep up to date about it!


  1. Anonymous08:41

    The brainSCANr site is quite amazing. I wonder how hard it would be to use the same technology in different fields.

  2. Thanks! We're definitely looking into using it for other fields. However its use is contingent upon the existence of a thorough database of publications for a given field that has a good API for researchers to use.

    It works in this case because PubMed is pretty excellent.

    We have also started a blog for brainSCANr to keep people up to date about improvements and changes.

    Check it out and add it to your RSS:


  3. It's a great idea - I haven't had time to delve into it yet, but I certainly will do.

  4. Thanks, NS. I'd love to know what you think of it as you play around. It's a living site, so we're always making changes and (we hope), improvements. If you think of anything you'd like to see added/changed, let me know.

  5. The website is down :(
    (A crying shame, I was referring a colleague on knowledge discovery to this).
    Any chance it'll be fixed?