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Bradley Voytek Upper writer's block

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Upper D (1974). The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of "writer's block". Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 7 (3) PMID: 16795475


  1. Roby12:32

    This is real?

  2. Anonymous17:35

    Yes, it appears so.

    Wonder if he did any followups?

  3. larryy17:48

    May I just say,

  4. According to PubMed, the author (Dennis Upper) has a handful of peer-reviewed psychiatric publications that stopped in 1984. However there's a book from 2007 by a clinical psychologist of the same name. Wonder if that's our man?


    1. Anonymous14:00

      Dennis Upper is alive and well and still practicing as a psychologist in Greater Boston. He published a humorous autobiography, Long Story Short, in 2007. Check it out at iUniverse.com or Amazon.com.

  5. Just beautiful :D

  6. Michelle, that's awesome! Very cute. I like to see the editor play along, too :)

    And thanks, Jędrzej.

  7. Bloody hell! I've been plagiarized! ;)