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More on oscillatory thoughts

I've left a long and somewhat long-winded response to a question over on Quora, similar to my post last week on why we don't need a brain.

Are brain waves epiphenomena?
It is quite clear that by pooling the activity of many neurons or brain areas oscillations appear. But are the oscillations themselves causal? Do my fellow quora users know of any particular authors or references that present skeptical accounts on the causal role of oscillations?

I've touched on this topic several times here before (it is my blog's namesake, after all), but I figured I'd go over it again here.

Anyway, this response also acts as a response to a question I got on Twitter when I put out a call for neuroscience questions.

@roteno asked:
I'd be interested in knowing more. Perhaps a "Brain Signaling for Dummies (with EE degrees & EMF backgrounds)"

I count my Quora response as a good enough response to that one, too :)

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