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Radio Interview: Wired for Thought

Last week I did an interview with Molly Bentley from the SETI radio show Big Picture Science and the episode is NOW ONLINE.

This is super cool to me because the other guests include Michael freakin' Gazzaniga, Art "my hero at UCLA" Toga, and Jan "I don't know him so don't have a cutesy nickname" Rabaey.


The episode in which I appeared was titled "Wired for Thought".

Here's their blurb:

A cup of coffee can leave you wired for the day. But a chip in your brain could wire you to a machine forever. Imagine manipulating a mouse without moving a muscle, and doing a Google search with your mind. Welcome to the future of the brain-machine interface.

Don your EEG thinking-cap, and discover a high-tech thought game that may be the harbinger of machine relationships to come.

Plus, the ultimate mapping project: the Human Connectome Project aims to identify all the neural pathways in the human brain. It may help us understand what makes us human, but could it also point the way to making us smarter?

And, what all this brain research reveals about the mind and free will – who, or what, is really in charge?

Anyway, give it a listen. I'm on for about 10 minutes around 19 minutes in.

And I don't think I suck.

I tried to do the right balance between interesting, honest, and accurate... but I'd really like to hear how others think I did. I'm not a fan of feel-good pop neuroscience, but at the same time I really want to convey to the public how exciting I think the field is because of how hard it is.

Because (at this point) I don't think this will be my last media appearance, I'd really like feedback.

In case you're wondering (because I am), I assume I'm on this episode for my hemicraniectomy/BCI research, but who knows?

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