Caveat lector: This blog is where I try out new ideas. I will often be wrong, but that's the point.

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How do you follow the scientific literature?

This is a quick survey to see how people keep track of the newest developments in their fields. As an example, I use a mix of the following services:

  • PubMed's "MyNCBI" saved searches for specific authors and keywords
  • Google alerts for the same
  • RSS feeds or email alerts for my favorite dozen or so journals
  • RSS feeds for arXiv.org, Research Blogging, as well as a mix of science and tech blogs
  • Old school Google or (gasp!) sometimes library searches

I've been playing around with some services such as Mendeley and ResearchGate as well, but those haven't really been added to my common research discovery toolset yet.

So yeah, as the title says: how do you all stay up to date with the scientific literature? Please leave comments!