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Voyteks and Guerrilla Science at SfN!

If you're at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in New Orleans right now, my wife Jessica and I each have a poster, plus one special feature.

My wife is presenting one of only 9 dynamic posters this afternoon. This is a new format SfN is trying out that incorporates multimedia into their poster format.

Her dynamic poster is at 1pm today over in aisle JJ, and is titled, "User Experience Design for Children's Neuroscience Education" and is about creating their Ned the Neuron education eBook (now available for the iPad!) I'm currently waiting for our napping son to wake up, but I should also be there around 2pm.

My scientific poster is tomorrow (Monday) morning over at CCC58. It's titled, "Phase/amplitude coupling supports network organization in human frontal cortex" and it doesn't totally suck. (Seriously I'm pleased with this research, so if you're at all interested in functional coupling, cognition, ECoG, and/or signal processing, come by!)

Finally my zombie neuroscience collaborator and fellow guerrilla scientist Tim Verstynen and I have an unofficial poster up over at GGG35 titled, "Advances in neuroprosthetics for Detroit law enforcement personnel: Building a better RoboCop today".

It's worth checking out. You can also download the reprint here (PDF).


  1. Anonymous19:15

    Pretty sure the physical poster said Robocop 2012 was running iOS, not Mountain Lion. The rationale for the transition to Ubuntu was for the superior mapping abilities.

    What's the true story Voytek? The people demand answers!

    1. Running iOS for 4G capabilities and Mountain Lion for computationally-intensive processes? Sure, that sounds pretty good. Let's go with that :)

  2. Sarah Logan20:54

    Amazing! Thanks.