Caveat lector: This blog is where I try out new ideas. I will often be wrong, but that's the point.

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New Voytek Lab paper by Richard Gao!

Voytek Lab Cognitive Science PhD student, Richard Gao, wrote a detailed piece about his new paper, "Interpreting the Electrophysiological Power Spectrum,” published in the peer-reviewed, student-focused “NeuroForum” mini-review section for the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Please check it out!

Gao, R. (2015). Interpreting the Electrophysiological Power Spectrum Journal of Neurophysiology DOI: 10.1152/jn.00722.2015


New Nature Neuroscience paper!

I wrote a detailed piece about my new Nature Neuroscience paper, "Oscillatory dynamics coordinating human frontal networks in support of goal maintenance" over at my lab blog.

Please check it out!

Voytek B, Kayser AS, Badre D, Fegen D, Chang EF, Crone NE, Parvizi J, Knight RT, & D'Esposito M (2015). Oscillatory dynamics coordinating human frontal networks in support of goal maintenance. Nature neuroscience PMID: 26214371


Neural Communication: Jazz, Not Symphony

New post up over on my (new) main blog! It's about my latest paper, "Dynamic Network Communication as a Unifying Neural Basis for Cognition, Development, Aging, and Disease." This paper was invited as part of a special issue for Biological Psychiatry titled "Cortical Oscillations for Cognitive/Circuit Dysfunction in Psychiatric Disorders," by the organizing editor, György Buzsáki. Although it was invited, it was still peer-reviewed as normal.


Moving to our new home!

After many long years here on Blogger, I've finally pulled the trigger and I'm moving over to WordPress on my new lab website!

You can find the new blog at:


You can also subscribe to blog updates using the RSS feed at:


And here's our first post!